Our Commitment


As we strive to be counted amongst the most professional and reliable steel fabrication companies we have developed a formal statement of commitment to our clients:

  • Partner with the clients and adopt their challenges are our own
  • Demonstrate cooperation in managing uncertainties and unforeseen events
  • Follow Delivery commitments and mitigate delays
  • No compromise on quality standards under any circumstances


When we take on a project the first principle we commit to is to understand our client’s requirements in terms of scope, specification and schedule of their project.  This helps us align ourselves to common objectives so that we can partner with the client in meeting their challenges.


We understand all too well that there are many uncertainties our client have to manage by virtue of the nature of EPC projects and the stages of their execution. All too often, at the negotiation stage of potential awards or especially at client tender stage, the engineering is not complete and timelines are subject to change and need to compress schedules is a distinct possibility.  We work with the client in full mutuality and measure our commitments accordingly. Therefore, the first and perhaps the most valuable service we provide is partnering with the client.


Next we try to be accommodative and flexible when dealing with engineering delays and revisions as far as possible, we maintain the original timelines by taking all measures to mitigate the delays no matter where they originate from.


Quality before profit is a key value of our organisation.  We have worked relentlessly to build a habit of cultivating and maintaining quality in all our activities.  We strongly believe that if we give into to pressures of time and cost and cut corners on quality even once, we risk damaging the culture to produce quality in the long term.  Loss of reputation has greater gravity than a financial one.



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